EarthSpace makes your adoption of SolarCoin easy and secure.

We will be there with you every step of the way.

EarthSpace is the main partner of SolarCoin Foundation in Anglophone West-Africa

As their affiliate, we offer onboarding and wallet management services to Solar Power Producers, enabling them to earn SolarCoins and therefore add a  new revenue stream to their business at no additional cost.

As your onboarding partner, we will make your transition on the SolarCoin platform easy.

  • Our SolarCoin claiming support service is 100% free for you: it is paid out directly to Alesia (in §SLR) by the Solarcoin Foundation through a referral reward.
  • Our SolarCoin Wallet Management service is commission-based. It is paid out (in §SLR) from a marginal percentage of the SolarCoins you earn.

Alesia will create and secure your wallet, help you gather the required proofs of generation and ownership, manage the on-boarding process with the SolarCoin Foundation, ensure that you receive your pay outs and help you manage your wallet and the digital asset it contains.

What is SolarCoin?

1 SolarCoin (§SLR) = 1MWh of Solar Energy

SolarCoin (§SLR) is a digital asset and works as a financial reward for the positive externalities offered by solar power production. It is a mechanism to incentivize generation of global solar electricity. SolarCoin is intended to shift the cost of electricity, thereby reducing the payback time of a solar installation. In working closely with the solar industry, the SolarCoin Foundation, with SolarCoin, is at the base of a virtuous circle, creating an uptake for solar equipment and helping create jobs in the Renewable Energy sector.

The Solarcoin system is equivalent to a frequent flyer program for solar panels that you own. As soon as we have registered your PV installations on the SolarCoin Platform, you will earn §1SLR as a reward for every MWh that you generate through your solar instalations.

The SolarCoin reward is given out by the SolarCoin Foundation, who guarantees the integrity and compliance of the scheme. The SolarCoin Foundation manages the distribution of SolarCoins to Solar Electricity Generators using verified solar facilities as the “proof of work”. The SolarCoin Foundation maintains a public ledger detailing each SolarCoin given out to solar electricity generators.

How many SolarCoins can I expect to receive annually?

SolarCoin grants are made at the rate of 15% of the nominal installation Capacity. The annual calculation is 365 days X 24 hrs X 15% X Your KW Capacity/1000. This works out to 1.314 X your installed KW Insalled Capacity.

The initial SolarCoin grant is retroactive to the install date of your facility or Jan 1, 2010; whichever is more recent. Ongoing SLR grants are made every 6 months based on the facility install month. Various international groups recommend or accept this methodology as a proxy for solar electricity generation.

(Note: A 10% Network Development fee will be charged by the SLR foundation on facilities greater than 20KW Nameplate Capacity to support infrastructure development and maintenance.)

What can I do with my SolarCoins?

There are multiple ways to make use of your SolarCoins

  1. You can exchange them on trading platforms for Euros or Dollars
  2. On the coinpayments platform you can buy thousands of products directly with SolarCoin. For example computing equipment, precious metals, beauty and gifts, or art.
  3. You can boost your Corporate Charity Activities by donating your SolarCoins to Associations like Solar Aid, to contribute to the electrification of Africa
  4. You can keep your SLR in your wallet if you believe its value will increase in the future.

The price of §SLR fluctuates just like any other currency. The SolarCoin foundations expected modelling is a goal target value of SolarCoins to reach 20-30 USD/ 1§SLR in the next 3-4 years, however the market value is ultimately determined by the laws of the market and supply & demand.

Alesia Communications will keep you informed of the value of your SolarCoin portfolio.

Security and Privacy

To minimise the changes of hacks, Alesia Communications holds your wallet on a dedicated firewalled computer and keep back-ups on separate drives. The Backup of your wallet is performed after every transaction to an offline device, which are then stored in secured locations. Your wallet security is regularly verified and maintained by our digital security specialists.

The SolarCoin Foundation transparently show which SolarCoins were granted and to whom on the blockchain explorer for SolarCoin. Everything is transparent