Photo Credit: SpaceX [Elon Musk]: ‘Starman’.
Newt’s New Frontier

Newt’s New Frontier

Photo Credit: National Geographic [Owen Freeman].He is my friend and our class representative in the space studies program of International Space University, France in 2003. Recently, in 2011, we both had an opportunity to meet up again at the International...


EarthSpace is focused on the intersection of science, technology and humanities, advancing knowledge, bringing about sustainable development to its engaging communities globally. With a bouquet of services that include Energy, EarthSpace through an incentivize approach for clean energy use reinforces environmental sustainability. Pragmatic about Space democratization, EarthSpace seeks to advance growth of humans into multiplanetary beings. The proponent of scientific but people-oriented educational method that evolved into ST[H]EAM and typified by the Academy helping to develop scientific thinking and world aware citizenry. EarthSpace continues to lead the way to the Galaxies.


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