Photo Credit: ISU (2011): TBH Visionary Award Recipients [r-l] Loretta H. Whitesides (2005), Jim D. Burke (2007) and Ayodele A. Faiyetole (2009)

This day, 4th August in 2009, Ayodele A. Faiyetole, was announced the winner of Todd B. Hawley Space Visionary Award. An award created by the International Space University United States of America’s Alumni Association ISU*USA, to honor the memories of Todd B. Hawley, a visioner founder of ISU. Ayodele became the first black and the first outside the continent of North America ever nominated. In a vote cast globally, with three other nominees, an aerospace doctor and cardiovascular surgeon, an international space businessman, and a NASA veteran, Ayodele was announced in Washington, D.C. to receive the (2009) Award.

Past recipients are Jim and Lin Burke (2007); Jim D. Burke is a pioneer of America’s space program, becoming the first project manager of Ranger, the first NASA unmanned space mission to the Moon, which preceded the Apollo lunar program. Loretta Hildalgo Whitesides (2005), created Yuri’s Night, a global space party for inspiring a world-wide space movement, so named after the first human in space, Russian cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin. Loretta’s husband, George T. Whitesides, is ushering in intercontinental sub-orbital space flights and tourism leading Virgin Galactic, Inc.